Special Announcement During Nyepi in Our Private Pool Villa

Special Announcement During Nyepi in Our Private Pool Villa

Hindus in Bali greet the beginning of the Saka Calendar new year with meditation rather than a big festival. No activities are permitted to occur. No pleasure, no traffic, no fire, and no work are among these essential religious prohibitions. Nyepi Day will fall on 22 March 2023. 

The day before Nyepi, on March 21, 2023, is known as Pengerupukan Day. Our nearby Seminyak and Legian villagers will perform an Ogoh-Ogoh parade in the evening beginning at 7 P.M at Seminyak Street.

On Pengerupukan Day in the Seminyak area the art shop, stand, and the traditional market will be open until 3 PM. The restaurant, bar, and cafe will be open until 10 P.M and the Supermarket and minimarket will be open until 11 PM. The manifestation of someone, an item, or anything else that disturbs people’s lives is called an ogoh ogoh. At the main village crossroad, the ogoh ogoh gathering point, a parade ceremony will be held.

Please be aware of the following circumstances if you are a guest staying with us on Nyepi Day:

On March 22, 2023, at sunrise around 6.00 am, the silence will last for the following 24 hours. During Nyepi day, all shops are closed. Visitors must remain in the area of the villas based on local regulations for guests who leave the villa area will be subject to a penalty of IDR 500,000 per person. Keep the volume down while watching TV or listening to music in the villa. On that day, there won’t be any traffic on the entire island of Bali. There will be no arrivals or departures at Ngurah Rai Airport on 22 March 2023, since it will be completely shot down. This has been communicated in advance to every connecting airport in the world. Only the maternity wards, emergency rooms, and arrival areas of hospitals are permitted to conduct these activities across Bali. Emergencies are permitted and taken into consideration. The entire island is silent.