Celebrate your Nyepi Day in a Private Pool at Villa

Celebrate your Nyepi Day in a Private Pool at Villa

One important celebration that will occur is Nyepi Day. Nyepi is the Balinese Hindu New Year. It is celebrated on the first.

the new moon in March. On Nyepi Day or New Year’s Day in the Balinese Saka Calendar, the island of Bali turns off all lights and sounds, stops all traffic, deserts worldly activities, and meditates, while complete silence and serenity reigns over the entire island. On this day people shall not work, not eat, and not play. Anything that could disturb the connection with God is prohibited. The complete silence is based on the four general rules of Catur Brata: No fire or light, no physical working, no traveling, fasting, and no entertainment.

Being one of Bali’s most famous public holidays, this 6-day celebration includes parties, parades, prayers, and a whole day of silence also known as Nyepi Day. One full year of the Balinese calendar consists of 12 sasih (Balinese months). Each month consists of 35 days which is usually a complete cycle of one new moon (dark moon or Tilem) and one full moon (Purnama). The entire island goes dark and comes to a complete standstill as Nyepi rolls around on the day after the dark moon of the spring equinox when day and night are of approximately equal duration.

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her story to this unique day of silence in Bali. The island must retreat to safety to ward off evil spirits after the wild celebrations of the first two days of the Balinese New Year. Evil spirits can pass by while it is completely silent and dark, either missing the island underneath them or thinking it is a deserted island; either way, they will continue on the route to somewhere else.