, knives, etc; however, some of the families have now changed their jobs as government officers, private employees, hotel staff, cruise ship crews,and so on.

For instance, the Pande temple in the center of Singaraja always hosts a rite every Tumpek Landep day. The temple is usually decorated with red customes which identically serve as the symbol of Bhatara Brahma (the god of fire) who was worshipped by the Smith Metal Family while working on Metal Stuff. Similarly, the costumes of the worshippers, especially the men are also dominated with red.

In addition, the family of carpenters, house builders, and motorcycle and car workshops will make Tumpek Landep a very special day as their works always deal with metals. This is the best day to thank such stuff for being helpful in easing their routine work.

Certainly, almost every car and motorcycle are decorated with an offering on their vehicles: bike cycle, motorcycles, and car workshop will make Tumpek Landep beg for safety anytime. They are driven or ridden on the roads.

Contemporary, Tumpek Landep has been linked to the “human mind” by Hindu religious leaders and priests; in which people’s minds shall be continuously sharpened to gain knowledge as much as possible.

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